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Blockchain fundamentals

It's important to know how the blockchain works, and have a working understanding of its core components

(These tutorials are designed for those with a good knowledge of programming concepts.)



Name Description Tags Link
Understanding Blockchain (POW) How does a proof-of-work blockchain function, what problems does it solve. Bitcoin, Beginner, No Code Soon
Understanding Blockchain (POS) How are proof-of-stake blockchains different. PeerCoin, Beginner, No Code Soon

Blockchain Components

Name Description Tags Link
Hashing Hashing is used in so many fields and is a fundemental part of the proof-of-work mining system. SHA256, Beginner, Go-lang Start
Digital Signatures Digital signatures are used to prove ownership over blockchain entities. ECDSA, Beginner, Go-lang Soon
Multi-Sig How multiple partys can control a signle blockchain asset. ECDSA, Beginner, Go-lang Soon
Difficulty Calculation For proof-of-work blockchains, difficulty is dynamically adjusted to target a given time. Mining, Beginner, Go-lang Soon
Merkle Trees Merkle trees crunch large amounts of data into a managable package while still keeping uniqueness. Beginner, Go-lang Soon
P2P Networking Consensus requires participants to be connected, traditional authorative networks undermine the decentralized nature of blockchain. Beginner, Go-lang Soon